And we’re off!

Dearest donors, research collaborators, friends, and interested individuals,

I’d like to start off with a big thank you for your support in getting this project, which at the start felt like an impossible, overzealous proposal, off the ground. It has been in the making since March 2014; and, on this day in December 2014, I am incredibly happy to announce we’re officially underway.

To those of you who don’t know about our project, in short, we are on a mission to increase access to mental health care services to university students in India. How do we propose to do this? Find out on our About Page.

To Dr. Barr Taylor, Dr. Michelle Newman, Lantern, the Stanford Behavioral Medicine Lab, donors, friends, family and so many others, thank you for your shared interest, unwavering support and willingness to try something new.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and learnings along the way!

The mana maali team

P.S. Mana maali is the title of our project and the most accurate reflection of our vision. Mana maali is a hindi phrase meaning “gardener of the mind.” Universities aim to prepare students for the big bad world out there, and we believe there is more to this preparation than filling students’ brains with valuable concepts and skills. Cultivating their minds is just as important to long-term success, satisfaction, and happiness amidst the inevitable ups and downs on the journey ahead.


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