Excited to be part of a path breaking initiative

Hi everyone,
I am Coach Jaishree.

An educator for over 20 years, working with children has always been my passion. As the years rolled by and I moved on to administrative roles, my interaction with parents and teachers increased. This sparked my interest in human behavior and thus I began my journey in the field of psychology.

I followed up my masters in Psychology with the basic and advanced counseling course in the Hyderabad Academy of Psychology (HAP) run by Dr Diana Monteiro. A brilliant teacher, Diana was the catalyst in arousing my interest in counseling and was responsible for honing my skills.
I started seeing more and more clients at HAP under Diana’s supervision and later setup a practice along with a friend and my husband, also a counselor.
I was honored to be asked by Diana to join her in providing counseling services to students at NALSAR, the National Law University at Hyderabad. This gave me an opportunity to understand the pressures and stresses faced by students in a highly competitive environment. I realized that a large number of undergraduate students needed emotional support and guidance and I felt happy that I could help some of them.
When The HAP-Stanford-Lantern opportunity to train to be an online coach for students came up, I jumped at it. It would help me to reach out to more and more students as well as give me exposure to a medium that is going to become more prevalent as time goes by. The training program conducted by Team Stanford was extensive and educative. Meeting up with old friends at HAP for training and making new ones made it all the more enjoyable.
It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this pioneering initiative.

– Coach Jaishree

Coach Jaishree


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