VNR VJIET joins Project Mana Maali

We’ve launched Project Mana Maali at our 2nd school site, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology! We held student discussion sessions across all 8 engineering batches to get students talking about stress and anxiety, explain more about Project Mana Maali and its creation, and detail how students can benefit from participation and access to online anxiety management programs provided free to those with moderate to high levels of stress/anxiety.

student discussion at VNR VJIET

Although it took throwing stress balls into the audience to motivate students to speak up initially, the feedback afterwards has been tremendously positive – several students have sent mails or called us to report their interest in the program and excitement for something like this coming to their school. We’re working with several of the students to help publicize the stress/anxiety survey across campus to get a good turn out. To those student volunteers and the staff of VNR VJIET – thanks for joining the Project Mana Maali team! Following about a week of survey access, students in the moderate to high levels of stress groups who report interest in using online anxiety management programs will be assigned their programs and, for some, their e-coaches.

A big thank you goes out to all those who enabled this discussion with VJIET students – Principal Naidu for overseeing the effort, all the Heads of Department for accommodating changes in your schedules, Sloka Akula and other students for circulating the message among students, and, most importantly, Mr. Sunil Kumar for coordinating the whole effort. Thank you!


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