Project Mana Maali launches at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management (VJIM)

Project Mana Maali extends to its 3rd school site, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management! This is a unique opportunity because we will be able to evaluate the perceived helpfulness and benefit of these programs among an older population of graduate students.

VJIM students

Telugu paper Sakshi did an interview with several of the students after learning about the project to get a better understanding of their perception of these online programs and apps for anxiety management.

Telugu paper Sakshi interviews Mana Maali @ VJIM

In case you can’t read Telugu, some of the viewpoints reflected include:

  • It could be good for those students who spend 2-3 hours commuting each day
  • There is potentially even more stigma in a smaller atmosphere like business school (a few hundred peers vs. a few thousand in undergrad) around seeking mental healthcare, making these private, self-directed programs even more attractive
  • These programs could be helpful for working professionals who might not be on-campus very often and instead are traveling

Although stigma and peer observation was mentioned, on the whole, this older group was more receptive to the concept of these programs. They seemed to be open to the idea of counseling / coaching and interested in the opportunity to gain access to evidence-based care in a flexible, private way. With younger undergraduates, there seems to be greater stigma around what it means to be “someone who sees a counselor.”

A big thank you to Yamini Meduri and Director Kamal Ghosh Ray for enabling our discussion with students!


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