And The Coaching Starts!!!

Hey all I am coach Swati. At present I am living in Delhi and doing my Ph. d. from University of Delhi. I hail from a very small town of border area of Rajasthan. when initially Dr. Diana Monteiro told me about this program, I was very curious because I have not heard about such thing before and out of that curiosity for learning something new I joined this project as a coach. And I must say I was not disappointed. This project has been a great learning experience so far and I am glad to say that I am part of this project.

I was quite nervous about taking the users and be a coach. I had this doubt that students might not be that interested as this is a new experience and not every one is open to try new things. But I was amazed when Nitya told us about the response she got from the students of both the colleges. I guess the stress and anxiety has taken its toll today and when students saw a way to help them they were more than happy to be a part of it.

Now we have officially started with the project and I have two users who are extremely excited to be part of project. when I interacted with my user I realized how much they needed a project like this. It feels really amazing when you can see that your efforts are causing a positive change in someone’s life and that is exactly what I feel as a coach. Although it has been only two weeks since I started interacting with my users but still so far my journey as a coach has been fruitful. The enthusiasm with which my users are approaching is very encouraging for me as a coach. Every time when I receive a message from my users I feel wonderful and encouraged as for me it is a sign that I might be doing a decent job of being a coach.  I hope I am able to maintain the same enthusiasm in my user for the whole duration of program and in the end when we finish this project my users should feel that they have achieved the goal for which they joined Project Mana maali.

coach Swati


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