Break the Silence

So here it goes…



Mana Maali partnered with White Swan Foundation and reached out to famous BITS Pilani alumni. They shared their thoughts about mental health, stress, anxiety and depression with the team and showed keen support for the cause of Mana Maali. The campaign was titled ‘Break the Silence’ in an effort to weed out the stigma surrounding mental health.



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We’ll post your story here (either with your name or anonymously; as you choose) as part of a special blog series called the “Student Stories”

It can be anything! From inspirational fiction to personal anecdotes.

Your passion to champion mental health issues is what matters!

So join us in weeding out the stigma.

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Our Supporters



Phanindra Sama



Vijay Sharma
Co-founder and CEO, Belong



Raju Reddy
Chairman, BITSAA



Dilip D’Souza
Author and journalist

A post written by Nitish Kulshrestha, our Social Media Manager


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