Mana Maali?

Mana in Sanskrit means mind and soul. Maali means gardener. Together, Mana Maali – gardener of the mind – is the title of our project, a Stanford-BITS initiative, and the most accurate reflection of our vision.

Universities aim to prepare students for the big bad world out there, and we believe there is more to this preparation than filling students’ brains with valuable concepts and skills. Cultivating their minds is just as important to long-term success, satisfaction, and happiness amidst the inevitable ups and downs on the journey ahead.

We aim to make mental health services more widely accessible in universities across India and, in doing so, embody Mana Maali. We’re coming up with a website and a first-of-its-kind psychological counselling app to help students and young professionals seek help from professionals.

The whole idea is to weed out the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.


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